¡Estamos vivas!

estamos vivasIn the summer of 2021, after many years of friendship forged thanks to their shared passion for the fantastic, Xavi Sánchez Pons and Javier Parra (critics of film, culture and bullshit in equal parts) gave the green light to a longed-for personal project. Thus was born ¡Estamos vivas!, the horror movie podcast you didn't know you needed, ranging from the latest new releases in commercial cinemas to those undiscovered gems recovered from the redoubts of trash, B series and underground productions.

Now, the Javis del Terror™️ or Javis of Horror come to the 33rd Horror and Fantasy Festival with a live show and a subject of pure delicatessen: our favourite cannibal flicks.

Club Room (Victoria Eugenia Antzokia)
29 October / 12:00

Araña Araña