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The return of the online content channel “Noviembre fantasma” with a new partner festival


Isla Calavera – The Canary Islands Fantasy Film Festival is joining forces with San Sebastian Horror Film Festival, Fancine Malaga and TerrorMolins.

San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Fancine – Malaga Fantasy Film Festival and TerrorMolins – Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, three Spanish events held during the same month and with the same theme, joined forces in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, to broadcast the passion for fantasy online. This led to their creation of the Noviembre fantasma label, a free shared broadcast channel to publish largely exclusive pieces of interest to the general public.

This year, the channel is even bigger and better with the addition of another November event: Isla Calavera – The Canary Islands Fantasy Film Festival, taking place in Tenerife.

The online platform will once again publish different pieces of interest for horror and fantasy film fans from the end of October to the end of November free of charge. New content during this second year includes a Top Anime by critic Alejandro G. Calvo, a report on Japanese filmmakers by Daniel Aguilar, and a talk by the Bloody Girls about "Woman and the Devil". Also included on the menu are other round-table discussions and literary presentations promoted by the four festivals week by week.

This will be on top of the 13 audience accleimed pieces that were published last November, such as Marea Nocturna's podcast, interviews with directors such as Brian Yuzna and Romain Quirot and a round-table discussion on festivals during the pandemic.

Beyond its creation during the pandemic, Noviembre fantasma seeks to complement the listings of the four already existing competitions, which are due to take place this year on site (and in some case also showing certain films online), with its alternative audiovisual material. The platform also aims to serve as a meeting place for fans from different cities linked to the fantasy genre, therefore introducing its fandom closer to the other events and offering them the chance to get to know them, albeit online.

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