She Is Conann



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Saturday, 2023 October 28 / 19:00 / 105' 4 € Tickets

Language: French, English, German

Subtitle: Spanish

  • Luxembourg-France-Belgium.
  • Direction: Bertrand Mandico.
  • Production: Les Films Fauves, Ecce Films, Floréal Films.
  • Coproduction: Novak Prod, Orphée Films, Nanterre-Amandiers.
  • Screenplay: Bertrand Mandico.
  • Photography: Nicolas Eveilleau.
  • Music: Pierre Desprats.
  • Edition: Laure Saint-Marc.
  • Cast: Elina Löwensohn, Julia Riedler, Christa Théret, Nathalie Richard, Claire Duburcq, Agata Buzek, Françoise Brion, Sandra Parfait.

Travelling through the abyss, underworld demon Rainer narrates the six lives of Conann, a blood-thirsty Amazon warrior perpetually sentenced to death by her own future, across eras, myths and ages. From her childhood, as the slave of Sanja and her barbarian horde, to her rise to the summits of cruelty at the doors of our world.

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