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Trueba Zinemak
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Tuesday, 2023 October 24 / 19:30 / 95' 6 € Tickets

Language: Malay

Subtitle: Spanish

  • Malaysia-Taiwan-Singapore-France-Germany-The Netherlands-Indonesia-Qatar.
  • Direction: Amanda Nell Eu.
  • Production: Foo Fei Ling, Patrick Mao Huang, Fran Borgia, Juliette Lepoutre, Pierre Menahem, Jonas Weydemann, Ellen Havenith, Yulia Evina Bhara / Ghost Grrrl Pictures, Flash Forward Entertainment, Akang Film Asia, Still Moving, Weydemann Bros, PRPL, Kawankawan Media.
  • Screenplay: Amanda Nell Eu.
  • Photography: Jimmy Gimferrer.
  • Music: Gabber Modus Operandi.
  • Edition: Carlo Francisco Manatad.
  • Cast: Zafreen Zairizal, Deena Ezral, Piqa, Shaheisy Sam, Jun Lojong, Khairunazwan Rodz, Fatimah Abu Bakar.

Zaffan (12) struggles with puberty, discovering a terrifying secret about her physical self. Her failed attempts to conceal the inevitable lead her friends to find out who she really is, and they attack her. As Zaffan is further provoked by her own community, she soon learns that embracing her true self is the only answer to her freedom.

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