Boo Kwai eta museoaren lapurreta

Crazy Kwai Boo: Sanxingdui Spirited Away, 2022


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Saturday, 2023 October 28 / 12:00 / 101' Reservations

Language: Basque

BLUE SEAT / Collaborate: Gautena

  • China.
  • Direction: Wang Yunfei.
  • Production: He Ying / Beijing Itscartoon Cultural Communication, Shanghai Film United.
  • Screenplay: Gui Huazheng, Wang Yunfei, Wu Xiaoyu.
  • Music: Yao Lei.
  • Edition: Wang Yunfei, Wu Yuebiao, Zhang Hongzhang, Cai Zhe, Luochenzhao, Cui Ruiqing.

Bill Kwai, a real troublemaker of a boy, accidentally ends up in a parallel universe thanks to one of his inventions. A mysterious man escapes from this new world, and steals the prized Golden Cane of Shu the Ancient from the city museum. Bill and his friends find themselves dragged along in a crazy escapade to retrieve the relic. Will they manage to overcome all the obstacles, find the Golden Cane and get back home?

Araña Araña