Visitors – Complete Edition



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Friday, 2023 October 27 / 23:30 / 61' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: Japanese

Subtitle: Spanish, Basque

  • Japan.
  • Direction: Kenichi Ugana.
  • Production: Atsushi Takahashi, Keisuke Nomura, WATANABE.
  • Screenplay: Kenichi Ugana.
  • Photography: Masashi Komino.
  • Music: ILA MORF OEL, Keefar.
  • Edition: Masashi Komino.
  • Cast: Shiho, Keisuke Nomura, Saki Hirai, Haruki Itabashi, Ryuta Endo, Kento Miura, Lloyd Kaufman.

It is a pleasure to introduce you (those of you who have not yet collided with his masterpieces) to KenIchi Ugana. The actor moved behind the camera in 2008, directing Screeeam (sic). Thanks to a completely crazy audience, who just now awarded him the prize at the Romford Festival for The Empty Flowerpot (2022) and his production company, which quite understandably is named Vandalism. Ugana in fact studied Business Management, but as soon he picked up a 4K and some lenses, he was hooked. Visitors, which has a pulsating soundtrack with a fundamental role in the narrative sequence, courtesy of ¡OEL MORF ILA! (sic), started out as a 16-minute short. Extended to 61, it has swept the board. Rightly so. It's toxic. It's tromic. War has broken out between humans and zombie/alien monsters. Guess who the good guys are.

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