Cuando los amos duermen



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Saturday, 2023 October 28 / 19:30 / 98' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: Spanish

Subtitle: English

  • Spain.
  • Direction: Santiago Alvarado Ilarri.
  • Production: Joaquim Vivas Eixarch, José Manuel Jara Nava, Rafael González-Vallinas, Eduardo Caso, Álex García, Alejandro Sugich L. A. / Magno Entertainment, MSP (Media Solution Partners), SulaFilms, MórbidoTV.
  • Screenplay: Santiago Alvarado Ilarri, Ramón Salas.
  • Photography: Rocco Rodríguez.
  • Music: Néstor Romero Clemente.
  • Cast: Juanjo Pardo, Diana García, Iván Massagué, Llum Barrera, Juli Fàbregas.

Presented at a dark gala event at the Fantastic Pavilion in Cannes, a grotto where all the creatures of fright night gathered. It was, is and will always be in good company. Distributed by Mantícora, aided and abetted by Mala Compañía España and Mórbido TV (24/7 horror throughout Latin America). Round here, and in every corner of the fantasy multiverse, we have taken a real shine to Santiago Alvarado Ilarri, who was behind the camera on Fallen Cape (2013) and Menéndez: The Day of the Lord (2020). And because we've taken such a real shine to him, and because we really love Iván Massagué, even since before The Platform (2019), we adore this classic story of good vampires and bad vampires, of loyal servants who think they are smarter than The Master. This film of blood and wine.

Araña Araña