Hood Witch

Rokya, 2023


Main Theatre
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Saturday, 2023 October 28 / 22:30 / 91' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: French

Subtitle: Spanish

  • France.
  • Direction: Saïd Belktibia.
  • Production: Iconoclast Films.
  • Screenplay: Saïd Belktibia, Louis Penicaut, Elias Belkeddar.
  • Photography: Benoît Soler.
  • Edition: Benjamin Weill, Nicolas Larrouquere.
  • Cast: Golshifteh Farahani, Amine Zariouhi, Denis Lavant, Jérémy Ferrari, Issaka Sawadogo.

Saïd Belktibia is French. With African roots. You can tell at first sight, at first listen when you pronounce his name. A brother from the Parisian banlieue and Mali's bidonville of Ladj Ly, the French-Malian author of Les Miserables (2019) and Les Indésirables (2023). In 2014 the two of them filmed a really powerful documentary, 365 jours au Mali. Saïd Belktibia knows how to make films. Disturbing films. In Hood Witch he depicts a woman who makes her living by trafficking in exotic relics, creatures, objects, roots. And linking up desperate clients with mystical healers via an app… Saïd Belktibia was quick to upload to his Insta account the images showing this film receiving a particular special mention at MOTELX Lisbon from the jury who decided on Europe's Silver Méliès award.

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