How to Kill Monsters



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Sunday, 2023 October 29 / 22:00 / 96' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: English

Subtitle: Spanish, Basque

  • UK.
  • Direction: Stewart Sparke.
  • Production: Cal O’Connell, Paul Butler, Stewart Sparke / Dark Rift Films, RO Pictures.
  • Executive production: Karl Morgan, Alex Joyner, Nick Ford, Jon Vangdal Aamaas.
  • Screenplay: Paul Butler, Stewart Sparke.
  • Photography: Hamish Saks.
  • Music: Dave Walker, Kyoto Dragon.
  • Edition: Stewart Sparke.
  • Cast: Lyndsey Craine, Arron Dennis, Fenfen Huang, Daniel Thrace, Nicholas Vince, Juné Tiamatakorn, Michaela Longden, Louella Gaskell.

We've seen so many films in which we kill or are killed by monsters that we may have even come to the conclusion that this is a straightforward task/deed. Finishing them off, in other words. Well, it turns out that it isn't. Above all if you've ended up in the cells at a police station full of rookie cops who wouldn't even have got through the safety course in Police Academy (1984). Directed by England's Stuart Sparke, based in York, with a master's in digital directing from Bournemouth University, the word is that there is a Lovecraftian touch about him. Man, woman… don't know/did not answer. All that is clear is that any film featuring a bloodied girl brandishing a chainsaw in the style of Leatherface or the bride from [REC] 3 (2012) is a movie and a half. Above all if she knows how to use it.

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