Els amants



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Thursday, 2023 November 2 / 16:30 / 23'

Language: Valencian

Subtitle: Spanish

  • Spain.
  • Direction: Joan Vives Lozano.
  • Production: Desmesura Films, Movistar Plus+, ESCAC Studio.
  • Screenplay: Joan Vives Lozano.
  • Photography: Andrea Mezquida-Torrent.
  • Music: Arnau Bataller.
  • Edition: Estefanía Mora.
  • Cast: Inma Sancho, Berna Llobell, Josep Manel Casany, Pepa López, Ferran Gadea.

It's been years since Ovidi disappeared in the sea without leaving a trail. Teresa, his widow, still visits the cave where he was seen for the last time. Ten years later, the lovers will meet again, although not in the way they would have expected.

Araña Araña