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Language: Korean

Subtitle: Basque

Bug (2022). Coral Amiga, Nicole Hartley. UK. 8 min

A mother loses her temper with her young daughter on the side of the road, with monstrous results.


Devils (2023). South Korea. 106 min

  • Direction: Kim Jae-hoon.
  • Production: Gu Sung-mok / Contents G.
  • Executive production: Cho Il-hyung, Kim Sang-yoon.
  • Screenplay: Kim Jae-hoon.
  • Photography: Chae Jung-seok.
  • Edition: Go Ah-mo.
  • Cast: Jang Dong-yoon, Oh Dae-hwan, Jang Jae-ho.

When it was first released on the margins of the horror scene in Québec, Canada, practically all commentators agreed that dancing with the devil had never been so delightful, and perhaps never has been since. The plot of the last dark gem of South Korean horror films certainly whets the appetite: a detective determined to stop a serial killer whatever it costs, wakes up one day in the psychopath's body… The director, a novice with some pedigree, sets about playing with his audience from the very start of the title sequence, which inevitably brings to mind John Woo. An energetic, meticulously made movie, filmed with playful perfection, a perfection guaranteed by two absolutely top-notch actors: Oh Dae-hwan (Deliver Us From Evil, 2014) and Jang Dong-yoon (Project Wolf Hunting, 2021).

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