Nada S. A. (2014)


Nada S.A.
Principal Theater Tuesday, 2014 October 28 / 17:00 7,40 €

Spain. Direction: Caye Casas, Albert Pintó. Production: Caye Casas, Albert Pintó / Alhena Production. Screenplay: Caye Casas, Albert Pintó. Photography: Miquel Prohens. Music: Julie Reier. Edition: Albert Pintó, Caye Casas. Cast: Emilio Gavira, Jaume García Arija, Carlos Lasarte, Silvia Borobia. Running time: 15 min


Carlos has been out of work for years. He is desperate after a string of job interviews with no success. One day he sees a vacancy advertised with a company called NADA S. A. for a candidate to take money for doing nothing. Carlos gets the job, but the day will change his life.

Araña Araña