Zombie Meteor



Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Sunday, 2022 October 30 - Monday, 2022 October 31 / 19:30 & 16:30 / 14'

Language: Spanish

  • Spain.
  • Direction: Alfonso Fulgencio, José Luis Farias.
  • Production: Alfonso Fulgencio, José Luis Farias / Paramotion Films.
  • Screenplay: Alfonso Fulgencio, José Luis Farias.
  • Photography: Javier Tresguerres.
  • Music: Pau Monteagudo, SAM.
  • Voices: Coral Balas, Iván Muelas, Luis Reina.

It seemed like a normal day on the International Space Station, until one of the ship's systems fails. Mar and Petrov, two experienced astronauts, try to repair it, but something never seen before hits them violently. Now all that remains is to try to survive.

Araña Araña