Abracitos (2020)


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Tuesday, 2020 November 3 / 18:00

Spain. Direction: Tony Morales. Production: Dylan Moreno, Paco Lomeña, Ignacio Lacosta, José Luis Gacal, Tony Morales / Marila Films, Loasur Studios, Extended Reality Studios, Wonder, Héqate Producciones. Screenplay: Tony Morales, Fer Zaragoza. Photography: Jesús Lara. Music: Jesús Calderón. Edition: Tony Morales, Juan Espinosa de los Monteros. Cast: Beatriz Salas, Carmen Salas, Virginia Gómez. Running time: 11 min.


A terrible phone call in the middle of the night shakes Laura's world. Meanwhile, little Ainara plays in her room. The appearance of an anknow being? It will test the mental and emotional stability of the two sisters.

Araña Araña