Beso negro: Brujería, cine y cultura pop
Elisa McCausland & Diego Salgado
(Editorial Hermenaute)


As all lovers of the forbidden arts are well aware, the osculum infame or kissing the Devil’s anus, his other mouth, seals the submission of a human being to the charms of evil. Beso negro: Brujería, cine y cultura pop includes that image in its title to shed dark light on a phenomenon that has continued to feature one way or another in traditional culture since the very beginnings of the Age of Reason: witchcraft.

The book analyses the strategies of both to change reality in a show which, although focused on the cinema, still has time for the small screen, the comic and other artistic and audiovisual expressions where both warlock and witch have struggled to bring about another way of being and existing in the world.

Illustration: Miki Edge

2000maniacos - Witches

2000maniacos_especial brujas

Incantations, curses, spells and chills! Dance, fire, pain, blood and death! The oldest and crustiest eurofandom zine in the world returns from the shadows with an ancestral special edition, brimming with evil. A bloody witches' sabbath through time. A beastly special print edition of 100 pages of infernal colour that will sear your eyes and drag you down into hell itself.

Films with the stench of sulphur, cursed tomes, horror and blood, groans and suffering, sobs and scares! Welcome to the hair-raising night of all witches!

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