Fanzine War

fanzinesEighth edition of the legendary Fanzine War, where a variety of publications bring out special issues dedicated to the Horror Festival and compete for the favour of the audience at the Principal Theatre. In collaboration with the Desktop Publishing Corner at Medialab Tabakalera and FNAC.

Gathering of witches. Amulet, ritual and fanzine
Artist: Jone Taberna

The figure of the witch has been continuously represented both in Basque mythology and in the world of illustration, cinema and creation. Taking the central image of the Week as a common theme, we base this intensive workshop on witches and witchcraft.

The gathering will be guided by a unique travelling companion: the artist and jeweller Jone Taberna. The energetic relationship between human beings and nature has a profound influence on her work. Jone's interest lies in stripping down artistic practice, whether in drawings, jewellery or other expressions, to reveal the hidden meaning that they offer so as to foster an interior perspective. Witchcraft, plants and mysticism are an important part of her conceptual world view, and likewise a key feature of the workshop. Using risography and other graphical techniques, we will be bringing together herbs, recipes, incantations, rituals and spells in a collective publication.

Medialab Tabakalera (Desktop publishing corner)
October 21 / 10:30 - 17:30
Araña Araña