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Have you decided yet what you want to be when you grow up? And if we told you that you have a future filled with opportunities? Would you like to travel the world, do disruptive things, and also form part of a tradition dating back a millennium?

If you answered yes to all of that, then this is the place for you. Become a witch. Forget about airports when it comes to flying. Curse and cast spells, turn anyone you want into a mouse or pig. There are no limits to your creativity here. Whatever you can imagine will be within your grasp!

There are lots of types of witches, you're probably thinking. And you're quite right! Which is why we invite you to the great fair of witchcraft.

Boulevard Kiosk (17:00-20:00)

The Sisterhood of Yama Uba. Are you attracted by sharp things and passionate about Japanese culture? If so, then come along, put yourself in our hands, and we will turn your face into the living reflection of Onibaba. Courtesy of CIFP MONTE ALBERTIA LHII.

The Cailleach Brotherhood. Would you like to control nature? Do you love Celtic music, and have a hippy vegan lifestyle? Then try our Wicca-inspired workshop. Organised by GRUPO HAL.

The White Buffalo Woman Circle. Do you like communal living and a bond with the earth? Join the emissary of the creator spirit Wakantanka and create unique ornaments. Courtesy of GRUPO HAL.

The Baba-Yaga Society. Do you love travelling, and don't care how? Would you like to be able to visit the land of the dead whenever you want? In partnership with GRUPO HAL.

Old Town (19:00-20:00)

The cult of Hecate. Would you like to discover the secrets of plants and herbs? Are you attracted by Dionysian orgies, and not bothered by necromancy? Join our daring procession through the streets of the Old Town. Courtesy of A&B SHOWS.


October 29 / 12:00
Victoria Eugenia Theater

Witch Train
As you would expect. Since witches are this year's theme, we simply had to turn the Txu-Txu Train into a Witch Train.


October 31 / 17:00-20:00
Super Amara Riberas de Loiola

Make-up Workshop
If you really want to look the part for Halloween, then this is the perfect event. In partnership with AS ARTIST.

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