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Actress Itziar Ituño morphs into an ancient witch on the official poster of the 2023 Horror Festival

Design: Alive VFX & Design / Photo: Marta Fresnillo
Design: Alive VFX & Design / Photo: Marta Fresnillo


Witches take centre stage at the 2023 Festival, and its official poster also pays tribute to them. Basque actress Itziar Ituño brings life to a double-faced sorgina, light and dark, powerful yet merciful.

The creative team headed by Nerea Torrijos, who also designed the wardrobe, turns away from the clichéd takes on witches, in pursuit of Magic. The design in tarot card form seeks to connect with more ancestral and subtle essences, with the Greek oracles, with the arcane… representing the strength of the two types of magic.

The author of the photograph is Marta Fresnillo and the poster design is by the studio Alive VFX & Design.

The poster corresponds to the shared leitmotiv with TerrorMolins Sorginak-Bruixes, recently announced, which includes the exhibition Bruixes – Sorginak – Brujas. Illustrated Witches' Sabbath, curated by Borja Crespo, as well as publishing of the book written by Elisa McCausland and Diego Salgado Beso negro: Brujería, cine y cultura pop.

Itziar Ituño

Born in 1974 in Basauri, today Itziar is one of the most international Basque actors thanks to her participation in the series “Money Heist” (2017-2021). Since debuting in TV in 1993, she has alternated her work on the small screen with the cinema, theatre and music.

In 1999 she made her debut in the long-running series "Goenkale", where she stayed until 2015. She has worked in films including Flowers (2014), An Autumn Without Berlin (2015), Dying (2017), The Blacksmith and the Devil (2017), Campanadas a muerto (2020), Todas las lunas (2020), Irati (2022) and In the Company of Women (2023) and in 2022 played the lead part in the series "Intimidad" (2022).


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