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“Vermin” to open Horror and Fantasy Film Festival


The French film Vermin (2023), directed by Sébastien Vaniček, will open, on 27 October in the Principal Theatre, the 34th San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, to take place from 27 October to 3 November in the Principal and Victoria Eugenia Theatres and on other stages throughout the city.

The film, produced by My Box Films and Tandem, closed the International Critics Week in Venice a few days ago. This is the first feature directed by the moviemaker Sébastien Vaniček following a number of shorts, and stars Théo Christine, Finnegan Oldfield, Sofia Lasaffre, Lisa Nyarko and Jérôme Niel.

A movie in the fantasy genre with a social background featuring a bevy of deadly spiders when they escape in a suburban district on the outskirts of a big city.

Kaleb is a young boy fascinated by exotic animals who buys a spider at a market one evening and takes it home to the flat he shares with his sister. The spider, which turns out to be highly venomous, won’t take long to escape and start reproducing, turning the building into a death trap, even more so after it is sealed off by police, trapping Kaleb and his friends with a horde of killer arachnids. The only way to survive is to find a way out.

The film will be distributed in cinemas by Adso Films.

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