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Original image: Nisa Goiburu (from the exhibition
Original image: Nisa Goiburu (from the exhibition "Witches")


For the second year running, the Horror Festival hosts Beldurrola – Witchcraft role playing in Basque. From 19-22 October, the Egia Kultur Etxea and the Ebla Liburudenda will provide the venues for a series of board game matches related to horror and, specifically this year, to witchcraft

Role-playing games are board games where you join other people to make up stories. The players will assume the role of the characters and play out a horror adventure with the help of a guide. The only thing you need to play is to sit at a table with a piece of paper, a pencil and some dice.

The games will last for 2-3 hours and are for 3-5 players.


  • Egia Kultur Etxea: 19-20 October
  • Ebla Liburudenda: 21-22 October
Araña Araña