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The exhibition "Bruixes – Sorginak – Brujas. Illustrated Witches' Sabbath" is open at the Municipal Library Activities Hall


The exhibition Bruixes – Sorginak – Brujas. Illustrated Witches' Sabbath, from the program of the 34th Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, will be open between October 27th and November 12th at the Municipal Library Activities Hall (San Jeronimo).

Witches have evolved as an iconic figure over time, without losing one hint of their unquestionable attraction and aesthetic. The myth of the powerful sorceress, whether good or evil, necromancer or healer, disturbing or inspiring, enigmatic and eccentric, always fantastical, forms part of our popular culture. There are hundreds of stories and legends which have fed into horror and fantasy literature and film, dark music and other artistic disciplines catering for ceremonial works that leave no one unmoved.

The exhibition Bruixes – Sorginak – Brujas. Illustrated Witches' Sabbath brings together 24 female conjurers with their origins in comics, design and illustration, brought together to express their essence to the full in fiction, as the protagonists of our dreams and nightmares. The almost ritualistic display features images laden with magic and phantasmagoria, created specifically for the delight and enjoyment of this colourful and festive pandemonium.

Borja Crespo (curator)

Sara Bea, Carla Berrocal, Natacha Bustos, Olga de Castro, Genie Espinosa, Mabel Esteban, Ana Galvañ, Higinia Garay, Nadia Hafid, Irene Márquez, Susanna Martín, Mermelada de Sesos, Raquel Meyers, Miriam Persand, Ana Oncina, Laura Pérez, Mireia Pérez, Ane Pikaza, Sara Soler, Clara Soriano, Josune Urrutia, Sandra Uve, Teresa Valero, Roberta Vázquez

Araña Araña