La luz (2021)


La luz
Principal Theater Wednesday, 2021 November 3 / 16:00

Spain. Direction: Iago de Soto. Production: Iago de Soto, Helión Ramalho, Raúl Cerezo / Iago De Soto Gudayol, Eye Slice Pictures. Screenplay: Rubén Sánchez Trigos. Photography: Miguel Leal. Music: Pau Loewe. Edition: Edu de Soto. Cast: Paula Gallego, Pablo Vázquez, Oti Manzano, Nico Ruiz. Running time: 13 min.


19th century. In a small coastal village, Olalla and her family prepare for the night of "the truce". There is only one rule: no lights should stay on tonight. Olalla, unlike her parents, does not believe in superstitions. And she doesn't think They are coming either...

Araña Araña