Nostalgic Z (2012)


Nostalgic Z
Principal Theater Wednesday, 2012 October 31 / 21:00 7,30 €


France. Direction: Carl Bouteiller. Production: Christophe Chaignaud / NSTY Productions. Screenplay: Carl Bouteiller. Photography: Guillaume Lomprez. Music: Pascal Busolin, Louis Limpalaer. Edition: Carl Bouteiller. Cast: Richard Rider, Jonathan Burteaux, Françis Decker, Luis Villegas. Running time: 14 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Dennis Mitchell, a Vietnam veteran, has survived everything in his life: war, heroin, jail, the subprime mortgage crisis, and now... zombies. Nothing he can't handle! So he decides to make a video to show those with lesser skills at handling the crisis how to exterminate zombies, whether they be unemployed zombies or banker zombies, who are a little more difficult to kill. Carl Bouteiller, raised in his local cinema on horror, sci-fi, kung-fu and Euro-western flicks, and perhaps precisely because of it, directs this survival handbook for a world besieged by the living dead. Carl says he's working on a feature film about a similar subject.

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