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Monday, 2023 October 30 / 22:30 / 8'

Language: English

Subtitle: Basque

  • UK.
  • Direction: Coral Amiga, Nicole Hartley.
  • Production: Nick Nessling-Jessup, Federica Omodei.
  • Screenplay: Coral Amiga, Nicole Hartley.
  • Photography: JP Garcia.
  • Music: Coby Sey.
  • Edition: Stella Heath Keir.
  • Cast: Chole Pirrie, Bethany Dodd.

A mother loses her temper with her young daughter on the side of the road, with monstrous results.

This short will also screen at the marathon of international short films at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre (October 29).

Araña Araña