Agón (2012)


Principal Theater Sunday, 2013 October 27 / 17:00 7,30 €

Cuba-Puerto Rico-Panama. Direction: Juliana Maité. Production: Edward Hernández / EICTV. Screenplay: Juliana Maité, Fabián Suárez. Photography: Javier Labrador. Edition: Martín Contreras. Cast: Ana Emilia Benítez, Kristell Almazán, Damián Piferrer. Running time: 15 min


A women's water polo team trains hard for a final competition. Eva, the captain, wants to win, but she has begun to notice strange behaviour among her teammates. Ever since the new trainer came they’re no longer the happy girls they used to be. The short film is directed by Puerto Rican Juliana Maité as a project for the 21st graduating class of the International Film and TV School in San Antonio, Cuba.

Araña Araña