Line-Up (2014)


Principal Theater Tuesday, 2014 October 28 / 17:00 7,40 €

Spain. Direction: Alex Julià. Production: Meghan Shaw, Mireia Martínez, Marta Argullós / Igloo Films. Screnplay: Dani Campmany. Photography: Marc Miró. Music: Raúl Fernández. Edition: Andrés Gil. Cast: Barton Sumner Bund, Joanna Maria Bronson, Jennifer Amanda Proescher, Brian Joseph Papandrea, Grover Mcants, Marty Bufalini. Running time: 20 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

A youngster working in a Detroit record shop has a unique experience thanks to a mysterious vinyl record. From then on his life will change completely, perturbing everyone around him. But is he truly prepared to live something like this?

Araña Araña