La buena muerte (Cristo de) (2015)


La buena muerte (Cristo de)
Principal Theater Tuesday, 2015 November 3 / 17:00 7,40 €

Spain. Direction: Suda Sánchez. Production: Suda Sánchez. Screenplay: Suda Sánchez. Photography: Alfredo López. Music: Jesús Calderón. Edition: Mario Maroto. Cast: Anna Castillo, Estefanía de los Santos, Mauro Muñiz, Bruto Pomeroy, Paula Quero. Running time: 12 min

LANGUAGE: Spanish / SUBTITLES: English

Ana is still young, but she has completely drowned all hope in alcohol. With nothing more to lose, she allows herself to be taken in by the first poor devil she comes across with a plan: to make a bob or two by offering a sexual predator's head to one of his victims.

Araña Araña