Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Wednesday, 2022 November 2 / 20:30 / 15'

Language: French

Subtitle: Spanish

  • France.
  • Direction: Joachim Hérissé.
  • Production: Joachim Hérissé, Augusto Zanovello, Stéphanie Launay / Komadoli Studio.
  • Screenplay: Joachim Hérissé.
  • Animation: Personne n’est parfait!
  • Puppets: Aline Bordereau.
  • Music: Antoine Duchêne.
  • Edition: Catherine Aladenise, Joachim Hérissé.

In an old building, lost in the middle of the swamp, live two strange women, Siamese twins by one leg. At night, the Flayed has terrifying nightmares in which she sees her sister's flesh covering her own body...

Araña Araña