Principal Theater Wednesday, 2017 November 1 / 17:00 7,50 €

USA. Direction: Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson. Production: David Lawson Jr., Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson, Thomas R. Burke, Leal Naim / Snowfort Pictures, Love & Death Productions, Pfaff & Pfaff Productions. Screenplay: Justin Benson. Photography: Aaron Moorhead. Music: Jimmy LaValle. Edition: Michael Felker, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead. Cast: Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson, Callie Hernandez, Lew Temple, Tate Ellington. Running time: 111 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Celebrated at the Sitges and Tribeca (New York) festivals, directed with four hands by its two lead characters, who joined others to sign the soundtrack and editing; all shot as indicated by Variety with the budget that other folk use to enrol for and attend a course at any of America’s elegant universities (Harvard, Columbia...), the tale of these two siblings down on their Luck who return to the land of the sect they fled from gains in evil, intensity, temporal complexity and wonder as it progresses and the camera’s chromatic palette gets darker and dustier. Beasts appear in the shadows, the trees become threatening, motorbikes seize up...

Araña Araña