Downward Facing Dogs (2019)


Downward Facing Dogs
Principal Theater Sunday, 2020 November 1 / 18:30

The Netherlands. Direction: Karsten de Vreugd. Production: Karsten de Vreugd / Sugar Rush. Screenplay: Karsten de Vreugd.  Photography: Michael Brooke. Music: Koen van de Wardt. Edition: Ruben Labree. Cast: Melody Klaver, Jord Knotter. Running time: 11 min.

LANGUAGE: Dutch, English  / SUBTITLES: Basque

Find your zen is easier said than done, especially if you have such a bad morning as Mara does. Her mom will not shut up about her ex who is expecting a baby. Then she is late for yoga and to add insult to injury, the teacher is an enthusiastic man who can't keep his hands to himself.

Araña Araña