David Cronenberg: Los misterios del organismo
As a compliment to this year’s retrospective series dedicated to David Cronenberg, the Festival publishes, within its collection of books, David Cronenberg:  Los misterios del organismo (The organism’s mysteries), coordinated by Quim Casas, which analyzes the Canadian filmmaker in depth.  Borja Crespo, Roberto Cueto, Rubén Lardín, Antonio José Navarro and Sergi Sánchez accompany Casas in this journey to the universe of one of the fantasy genre’s most important directors in the last decades.

2001 Maníacos
The oldest horror, science fiction and eroticism fanzine in all of Europe continues collaborating with the Festival publishing a special edition.  84 pages packed with monsters, mutants and abnormal beings.  Containing exclusive interviews (Jan Švankmajer, Koldo Serra, Nacho Cerdá), articles on David Cronenberg, Don Coscarelli, Takeshi Miike, Halloween Night and artists Bernie Wrightson and Paco Alcazar.  If you are tired of being told the same old story, read 2000 Maniacs.  People without a sense of humour beware. 

For the fourth year running, Ediciones Flash-Back joins forces with The San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Film Festival to offer an issue dedicated to the 3rd Comic-Books Encounters, it includes a lengthy article on the life and work of Bernie Wrightson, accompanied by the most complete checklist ever made of his work.  Likewise, we review this year’s remaining exhibits: the sample of work dedicated to Paco Alcázar and a new edition of Euskadi Fantástico that includes the work of Juan Luis Landa and Marko Armspach.


2nd International Karaoke Contest

Alter its great success last year, the International Karaoke Contest returns to San Sebastián.  For all those amateur easy listening singers, those who want to exhibit their vocal and artistic qualities at the Festival, intended for all those who are tired of the films at the Principal and are eager to break new ground in their lives, this is their chance.  Thursday the 2nd of November, at 12 o’clock midnight, at the Café-Teatro Staff. The second edition of an event that is surely to become a classic.




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