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Métal Hurlant

Metal hurlant

This year’s special cycle at the Festival is dedicated to the mythical French comic Métal Hurlant (1975-1987), which for its entire existence and right up to the present day has exerted a great influence on fantasy and contemporary science fiction cinema. This show, which accompanies the publication of a book coordinated by Jesús Palacios, pays homage to Métal Hurlant and its creators and contributors through a series of films demonstrating the publication’s powerful influence in the fantasy world.

2000 Maníacos: ¡Especial 20 años!

2000 maniacos

This year the San Sebastian Horror Festival is celebrating twenty years of the most veteran fanzine in the world of fans: 2000 Maníacos. Issue no. 40 is a super historical special recounting its monstrous history from start to finish: 1989 to 2009. Almost one hundred pages full of deviant freaks, B and Z movies, snake women, murderous daydreams, heavys from hell, atomic zombies, cannibals in loincloths and hot porn actresses. It’s a completely uncouth and psychotronic party which will make you lose your head.



El cuervo
Teatro Corsario

Metal hurlant

Based on the poem by the American dramatist Edgar Allan Poe, The Crow reflects the feelings of melancholy and bad omens of death close at hand in a conversation between a solitary man and a crow on a stormy night. His dialogue with the crow is fascinating, warm, mysterious... Teatro Corsario takes us on a trip through this world of shadows, the supernatural; a world of horror, hallucinations and incredible things.

House of Horror 3


Metal hurlant

Haurtxoko and the Gros Gazteleku are organising a House of Horror for Saturday 7th November. In this activity, children and young people will enter the historical Okendo building and travel through 3 floors full of mystery, frights and many surprises...



a.k.a Dotado

hip hop

This rapper is obviously influenced by rap from New York and California in the 1990s. His lyrics inevitably refer to problems in his neighbourhood, pure ego from the block who has put his faith in thug life. Brought up between hatred and envy, he decided to create his inner circle street soldiers crew and don most hated to represent the 943.

Bily Box

This producer won fifth place in Spain in the beat box battle 2009. Influenced by gangster aesthetics and the Chicano movement, this beat maker is one of the best rap producers on the North coast.

Miss Adrenaline

Miss adrenaline

Gore-burlesque comes to the Festival thanks to Miss Adrenaline, who will perform on the night of Halloween. The stage is set in a lab where the performance will involve entrails and sensuality, blood and suggestiveness. A real rockabilly style mixed with a touch of fetish.


Ikso Studio

Festival Header


“The idea for the trailers emerged from mixing the aesthetics of a Batman style comic with his call light and other comic elements with the most ‘loveable’ characters from the horror genre, and this led to the idea that the Festival would call on the horror ‘heroes’ to attend”.

Ikso Studio is an animation studio that set up two years ago. To date they have done adverts, FX for short films, storyboards, animated shorts, etc. all related to 3D/2D but above all involving computer animation.

Board Game Session


Hoards of zombies are closing in on the main character, ready to devour him... and you're just sitting there. But what would you do in their situation? Come over and play a few games and you can fight zombies, track down Dracula, investigate mysteries and tell fun horror stories.

Don't worry if you don't know how to play, we'll explain. Do you dare to be more than just a spectator?


Armageddon comic generación x


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