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6th Comic Book Encounters


juan gimenez

This year the Festival is dedicating an exhibition to Juan Giménez, one of the most important fantasy and science fiction cartoonists of the last few decades.

Born in 1943 in the province of Mendoza (Argentina), he began to draw aged ten and by sixteen he was already doing his first professional job as a strip cartoonist.

At the end of the 70s he left Argentina and came to Europe, where he started to work for Italian, Spanish and French publishing houses and worked regularly with Métal Hurlant. In 1979 he published Estrella negra, his first work in colour. This was closely followed by Basura, Cuestión de tiempo, El cuarto poder, Leo Roa, Juego eterno, La casta de los Metabarones… would which would show his clear inclination for fantasy and science fiction.

Acceptance from the public and critics has made him the worthy winner of numerous international awards: Best Cartoonist chosen by the readers of the magazines 1984 and Comix Internacional in 1983, 84, 85 and 90; Prize for the Best Cartoonist in the Barcelona Comic and Illustration Fair in 1984; Yellow Kid awarded by the Lucca International Comic Fair in 1990; Bulle D’Or in France in 1994. His work has been exhibited in different cities throughout the world, with an outstanding exhibition in the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris in 1997.

Euskadi Fantastikoa V
Álex Orbe / Manu Ortega

juan gimenez

In an effort to help you cope with the current crisis, we can think of nothing better than trying to offer a feast for your eyes such as a dose of colour accompanied by optimism and raw emotions. Consequently the exhibition that we dedicate to Basque authors every year focuses on two artists whose common ground is agile and expressive drawing jazzed up with lively colours occasionally whilst reminding us that life is full of ups and downs.

Álex Orbe (Barakaldo, 1973) provides humour and a certain amount of messing about, as a cartoonist with a smooth, confident and funny style which has seen his work printed in publications such as Xabiroi, El Balanzín, La Comictiva, El País de las Tentaciones, Evasión de El Correo, Allons-Y…

On the other hand, Manu Ortega (Bilbao 1971) shows us that art, just like life, is full of contrasts and displays some of his work published by Anaya, Erein, Elkar, Ikastolen Elkartea, SM, Edelvives, Santillana…

Eva Conde
The Forest of Silence

juan gimenez

“Fruit of the symbiosis between art and literature, stretched right across history, the work shown here reflects Life’s ups and downs. These underworld roots where fragile existence demonstrates a splendour that drowns the “Nocturnal Magic”, essentially represented by Woman, high priestess of the Night. She calls especially on the elements and gives birth to her children: Nostalgia and Love, who obey their older brother, Terror”.

Born in the generation of 87, San Sebastian’s own Eva Conde grew up in a world full of stories and fables, which deeply marked her adolescence and reminded her of this world which is parallel to ordinary life. She spent high school sketching on all her Maths, Physics and Biology books, something which, to put no finer point on it, kept her constantly in touch with art. When the time came she decided to study Fine Art in Bilbao which gave her the chance to study in Florence, a city she found fascinating. Staunch supporter of the world of comics and horror films, the young artist was able to fuse the profound humanism of the Renaissance capital the world of contemporary images.



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