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Judas Arrieta


Kaiju is a Japanese word that means strange beast, but it is generally translated as “monster”.

KAIJU is an exhibition on films and literature from science fiction, fantasy and terror. Directed and produced by Judas Arrieta with participation from Donostia Kultura. The special effects were produced by Zhu Rui Da.

Participants in this exhibition are LOS NINJA PASTORI as part of the 8TMANGA project, XABIER ERKIZIA in CABARET MANGA and the Chinese artists CHAO WEI, CHAOQUAN CHEN, GUANBIN HOU, HAOYU ZHENG, HUI ZHU, JIAN LIU, LI WANG, MING LI, RONG HU, SHAO ZI, SIQI CHEN, TAO PENG, WEI SHEN, LING WEN, WENWEN LIU, XIAO CHANG GONG, WEI YAN, YIWEI LE, YU WANG, ZHENHUA SUN. All the guest artists taking part in this exhibition have worked alongside Judas Arrieta. This is the first exhibition of giant monsters (known as Kaiju exhibitions) to take place in San Sebastián.

Judas Arrieta (Hondarribia, 1971)

Judas Arrieta is an inter-disciplinary artist who likes using different means when approaching creative projects bringing together the real and the imaginary in his work. Defender of what he has called, in some of his texts, “festive recreational art”, art as enjoyment. He is capable of weaving a net where you feel comfortably trapped. His work feeds off both fact and fiction and he has constantly turned to works by great thinkers since he had use of his reason. He ruminates and reflects until he spews out a hair-raising work in any of his disciplines (paint, drawing, digital printing, sculpture, objects, videos, performances, installations...). In any case he overflows with tenderness, feeling, brutality, melancholy, accuracy, romanticism, uneasiness... Judas Arrieta is a passionate man. He builds life and it spills over with his enormous generosity. He is an Asian soul trapped in a Western body, a long range sniper, a monster with three heads.


Judas Zx5

Judas zx5

Judas Zx5 is a blow up sculpture, 5 metres high, with a slide that will thrill kids.

It is a modern Gargantua.

When kids go down the slide they directly enter a new world, the world of Judas Z.

In this piece the artist was most interested in mixing experiences from different cultures, such as the Basque Gargantua and Japanese manga characters by giving the work a universal aspect.

As we can also add its recreational side to it, everyone will go away happy.



Judas Arrieta / Ninja Pastori

power rangers

Judas Arrieta and the group Ninja Pastori: Pepe Lechón, Miqui Cardona, Ferran Montiel, Marc Gómez, Rafael Núñez y Jordi Xercavins) present 8T MANGA. Dressed for the occasion, they will run around the Old Town in San Sebastian playing mythical and nevertheless enjoyable pieces of music from 1980s cult series. Songs by Mazinger Z, Battle of the Planets or Ulysse 31, among many others, will fill the otherwise peaceful city streets.


O Apóstolo

o apostolo

A convict recently escaped from jail is trying to recover a haul hidden years before in a solitary and distant hamlet; but what he finds there will represent an even greater sentence that the one he is fleeing. Sinister old people, strange disappearances, spirits, a peculiar priest and the archpriest of Santiago will cross his path in a story of terror, humour and fantasy.

This is the story of O Apóstolo, an animation film by the Galician director Fernando Cortizo that unravels in this display of photographs, sketches and models that reveal how the film was created little by little.

There are two starting points regarding the environmental and aesthetic conception of the film, whose art direction is provided by the director himself. On the one hand we have the fictitious scenarios imagined by Fernando Cortizo and on the other there are scenes chosen from reality as they have especially poetic, historic or aesthetic characteristics. They are trying to remain true to real life here so as not to lose the attraction, explaining why these scenarios were chosen.

In both cases, this works from a preliminary study based on sketches or photos where a detailed study is made of textures, colours and shapes, as can be appreciated in this exhibition.



2010 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
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