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7th Comic Book Encounters

Salvador Larroca:
Superheroes fit for the big screen

juan gimenez

Salvador Larroca (Valencia 1964) is one of the most popular superhero comic artists in the world. A major fan of superhero comics since he was a kid, he published several illustrations and short stories in Planeta DeAgostini before making the leap to the British subsidiary of Marvel Comics in 1994. The next year he started working on the American market where he took charge of films such as Ghost Rider, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spiderman and more recently Iron Man that he has worked on over the last three years.

In the 17 years that he has been working for the American market, he has never missed a issue for his loyal readers, growing and reinventing himself for each episode, to the point of being the first Spaniard to win an Eisner, the comic world’s equivalent to the Oscars, thanks to his current work on Iron Man.


Divine Creatures
Isabel Mancebo Balda

juan gimenez

Isabel Mancebo Balda was born in Pamplona in 1971. For as long as she can remember, she has painted, taken photos, created collages, restored but above all drawn: endlessly and practically obsessively. She currently lives in Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, after graduating in Fine Art from the University of the Basque Country and having researched and lived in loads of places. She claims that drawing is a major art, not just a transition tool. She combines inks with felt tip pens, papers, dry leaves, wood... Her work is meticulous and elaborate, full of her sense of humour. She tries to make an impact on her audience using outline, shape and image. Following her previous exhibition entitled Allá: Ciudades y gentes, this new edition will introduce us to some peculiar, fun and slightly sinister beings. Divine Creatures comprises a book of beasts inspired by fashion and cinema and whisks us away to a parallel world with animals, beasts and not so beastly beasts. You are invited to enjoy the characters included in the book Divine Creatures that appear in this edition of the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.


Euskadi Fantastikoa VI
Dani Fano - Guillermo González

juan gimenez

Fantasy and science fiction are right at the forefront of this exhibition dedicated to two of our most important authors. Their works contain elements making up fantasy imaginary like space ships, dwarves, robots, dragons, etc.

Dani Fano, born in San Sebastian in 1968, is one of our most prolific comic artists. His strips have been seen in publications such as Mutxo, Elhuyar, Ipurbeltz, Ardi Beltza and Kale Gorria, although most of his production has appeared in Xabiroi over the past few years, including his two most ambitious works, both with his own script: TeleATOI and Anubis 3.0.

Guillermo González (Bilbao, 1971) has fundamentally worked in the world of traditional animation, drawing storyboards, layouts, etc. After a short story in the Xabiroi magazine, he has published a book on the world of dwarves in France (L’univers des nains) this year that explores the clichés from this fantasy literature that has been passed down from Tolkien. The book is a great success, putting this author on the map as a great illustrator.


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