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King Crab Attack

King Crab Attack


In the apparently peaceful coastal town of Trouville-sur-mer, where people live comfortably, in peace and harmony with nature, their worst nightmare is about to land. Basile, the coastguard, witnesses everything, maybe not by accident, in this spectacular trailer for the horror feature film King Crab Attack, which still has no release date. A film of everyday giant monsters, a villain who spreads his evil by wreaking chaos with the forces of nature causing mutations (generally increasing size) on small and inoffensive creatures, with buildings destroyed, pure horror, a hero and a girl. Will they manage to stop the world being destroyed? Will love conquer all?

Francia, 2008
Dirección: Grégoire Sivan
Producción: Jérôme Barthélemy, Daniel Sauvage / Caïmans Productions
Guión: Grégoire Sivan
Fotografía: Stephen Barcelo
Música: Mark Rutherford
Montaje: Benjamin Weill
Intérpretes: Charlotte Marin, Jean-Pierre Martins, Étienne Chicot
Duración: 7 minutos
Caïmans Productions
Tf.: 33 1 40 13 03 41

2009 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
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