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Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

20 years, fellow shadow dwellers and Métal Hurlant fans! Twenty years since we saw the first Tetsuo, since we met the “metal fetishist” and we dreamt that our bodies had a metal and rust skeleton. Twenty years and it is already here, after the project’s long and winding road, sorting out financing and production, this third Tetsuo that, as they say on the internet, is an English language remake of the original, which has put unconditional Tetsuo fans on red alert because they say that only the rhythm and pace of the Japanese language matches the shock between metal and celluloid. Shinya Tsukamoto (we honour you, brother and maestro!) directs, takes charge of the photography, edits and acts in the company of Eric Bossick, a video game dubbing artist until yesterday. The film won acclaim during its interplanetary debut at one of the largest festivals on the planet: the Venice Film Festival.

Japón, 2009
Dirección: Shinya Tsukamoto
Producción: Shinichi Kawahara, Masayuki Tanishima, Shinya Tsukamoto / Kaijyu Theater
Guión: Shinya Tsukamoto, Hisakatsu Kuroki
Fotografía: Shinya Tsukamoto, Takayuki Shida
Música: Chu Isikawa
Montaje: Shinya Tsukamoto, Yuji Ambe
Intérpretes: Erik Bossick,
Akiko Monou, Shinya Tsukamoto, Stephen Sarrazin, Yûko Nakamura
Duración: 79 minutos
Mia Katherine Jensen


2009 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
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