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Kyle Rankin, who states that he is influenced by Capra, Fellini, Lynch, Peckinpah and the Coen brothers, trembles with emotion, pride and responsibility when they tell him that his film is a glorious example of a perfect B movie and some critics compared him to Zombies Party after his tremendous appearance at the FrightFestival in London. Produced by Icon, Mel Gibson’s company, it went directly from its showing in London to DVD and Blue-Ray but it has been rescued by the Horror and Fantasy Film Festival to please everyone who has always wondered whether Gregorio Samsa, the beetle from Metamorphosis, sometimes felt like eating human beings. Bug movie filmed in Bulgaria, it has 270 shots with special effects, which its creator finds highly pleasing.

Estados Unidos, 2009
Dirección: Kyle Rankin
Producción: Bruce Davey,
Jeff Balis, Rhoades Rader, T. J. Sakasegawa / Sakasegawa,
Heavy Duty Entertainment
Guión: Kyle Rankin
Fotografía: Thomas Ackermann
Música: Steven Gutheinz
Montaje: David Finfer
Intérpretes: Christopher Marquette, Brooke Nevin,
Kinsey Packard, E. Quincy Sloan, Wesley Thompson
Duración: 91 minutos
Avalon Productions
Tf.: 91 366 43 64


2009 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
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