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Somos la noche

Somos la noche

We know all about the director, honoured by the European Film Academy. He is the author of Before The Fall and also The Wave, the film about a teacher, his students and neo-Nazism. Dennis Gansel returns with We Are the Night or in other words magnificent vampire ladies hunt, seduce and consume their victims in Wenders’ city of ferociously human angels, in Berlin. They are amazingly sexy, absolutely on a roll, totally modern and completely determined. That seems like publicity for Sex and the City but it’s really very different. They are rich. They are beautiful. They are insatiable. They are chosen ones. They are immortal. And if you don’t want to seem like anyone else in this world, either break the mirror to never look at yourself again or let them take you out for a bite... because many, many wonders await you on the Other Side. You may choose the Light my friend... but you’d be making a big mistake!

Wir sind die Nacht
Alemania, 2010
Dirección: Dennis Gansell
Producción: Christian Becker / Constantin Film, Rat Pack Filmproduktion
Guión: Jan Berger, Dennis Gansel
Fotografía: Torsten Breuer
Música: Heiko Maile
Montaje: Ueli Christen
Intérpretes: Nina Hoss,
Jennifer Ulrich, Karoline Herfurth, Anna Fischer,
Max Riemelt
Duración: 95 minutos
Vértigo Films
Tf.: 91 524 08 19


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