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Black Death

Black Death

The director of Creep, Severance and Triangle shows off and pleases in this dark German-British production shot in Sajonia that abandons us to a band of mercenaries, its leader, a gentleman-cum-fundamentalist and a very young monk who’s ready to take on the world, the devil and/or flesh to get rid of the plague. We are in 1348, and the Black Death is scouring England. These soldiers of fortune are going to a swamp town that has been spared from the plague. A sorcerer lives there that, people say, can make the dead walk. Ghostly (with a beautiful image of men protecting their face with the mask that the Venetians call the “plague doctor”), pestilent, greyish, it has received high praise from critics that prowl the Internet and Chris Smith has defined it as “Really, really dark but also exciting. It also manages to touch on the topic of fundamentalism. This is a dark parable in which we discover that nothing’s really changed in 600 years”.

Reino Unido-Alemania, 2010
Dirección: Chris Smith
Producción: Robert Bernstein, Douglas Rae, Jens Meurer, Phil Robertson / Egoli Tossell, Ecosse Films
Guión: Dario Poloni
Fotografía: Sebastian Edschmid
Música: Christian Henson
Montaje: Stuart Gazzard
Intérpretes: Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, John Lynch, Johnny Harris, Carice Van Houten
Duración: 102 minutos
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