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The Clinic

The Clinic

Australia, back then when “Leatherface” stalked through Texas and hills had eyes, gave us great expanses of land without a living (or dead) soul for thousands of miles. We have a young, good looking, happy couple; she is pregnant. They stop at a motel. The porter is one of those people that you mistrust as soon as you set eyes on them... After a time the girl disappears and reappears in a bath full of ice... and she is no longer pregnant but she has an awful caesarean scar on her belly. She’s in an abandoned abattoir and she’ll soon meet other women who are no longer pregnant... and two wild dogs and a semi-murderer who’s not very bright. Then she discovers six beautiful babies in six incubators behind bars and also that the bad guys have left something in the girls’ stomachs. And that one of them would kill for her son. It all happens in Australia, years before the discovery of DNA...

Australia, 2010
Dirección: James Rabbitts
Producción: Samuel Pinczewski / Great Southern Land Entertainment
Guión: James Rabbitts
Fotografía: Brad Shield
Música: Guillaume Feyler
Montaje: Ryan Boucher
Intérpretes: Tabrett Bethell,
Freya Stafford, Andy Whitfield, Clare Bowen, Sophie Lowe
Duración: 94 minutos
The Little Film Company
Tf.: 44 79 14 66 96 96


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