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A Serbian Film / Srpski Film

A Serbian Film / Srpski Film


Will you bite the bullet or believe us that this is not a William Castle style campaign or like when Hitch asked everyone not to say that Janet Leigh died in the shower in Psycho? If we told you that it is true that in some cinemas they closed the popcorn and nachos stand because people were being sick after seeing The Serbian Film and trashed the place? Or that the British censor demanded that Film4 FrightFest made 49 cuts (4 minutes) if they wanted to show it (remember that they also banned A Clockwork Orange). Our colleagues at F4FF refused to make the cuts for which we honour them. And if we mentioned that the fact that the rush to download it over the internet it is all part of the show? That some people also say it’s not worth making such a fuss over? But that the film (with a portentous, stirring soundtrack) is sick and putrid (within its celluloid scope) is the absolute truth? Oh yes and it’s a political film. Europe and the Balkan War created, we believe, the atmosphere for A Serbian Film.

Serbia, 2009
Dirección: Srdjan Spasojevi?
Producción: Srdjan Spasojevi? / Contrafilm
Guión: Aleksandar Radivojevi?, Srdjan Spasojevi?
Fotografía: Nemanja Jovanov
Música: Sky Wikluh
Montaje: Darko Simi?
Intérpretes: Srdjan Todorovi?, Sergej Trifunovi?, Jelena Gavrilovi?, Katarina Žuti?, Slobodan Bešti?
Duración: 104 minutos
Jinga Films
Tf.: 44 20 72 87 05 50


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