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5150, rue des Ormes

5150, rue des Ormes

Definitively: there’s not an Elm Street on this planet where you’d want to live. JFK was killed in Elm Street in Dallas. In Springwood, Freddy made stripy tops and extreme manicures all the rage. At number 5150 of this peaceful Canadian village with an imposing film school there lives a family with shattered nerves. The little girl lives in another world; the older girl tries to show off in front of daddy who believes that he has been sent from on high to liquidate human dregs whilst the mother ponders slitting her wrists. At the top of the house, a cinematography student’s life is at stake and he’ll only stay alive if he wins a game of chess where not even Magnus Carlsen could turn the tables. Based on a novel by Patrick Senécal, an author who his friends swear is great fun but (or therefore) writes books about holy death and sickly fear.

Canadá, 2009
Dirección: Éric Tessier
Producción: Pierre Even, Josée Vallée / Cirrus Communications
Guión: Patrick Senécal, Éric Tessier
Fotografía: François Dutil
Música: Christian Clermont
Montaje: Alain Baril
Intérpretes: Marc-André Grondin, Sonia Vachon, Élodie Larivière, Cathérine Bérubé, Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
Duración: 110 minutos
Entertainment One
Tf.: 1 41 67 12 12 77


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