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Death Kappa / Desu Kappa

Death Kappa / Desu Kappa


There are no words to name what happens in this film called Death Kappa. Well there are actually. It has a name and he’s a loyal friend of ours: Tomoo Haraguchi! He is the creator of the Gamera monster, the artifice of special effects in tens of Japanese films, including quite a few by Takeshi Kitano. These plastic and latex shots have been tattooed with another name: Kappas really exist, they are not just lysergic creatures. Japan’s fantasy world contains aquatic spirits that protect people living around them. The kappas have the body of a turtle (not necessarily ninja) and they are lovely. Despite Haraguchi and Japanese legends, you can laugh your socks off for the film’s 87 minutes, particularly during the triumphant karaoke moment, and at the giant girl, or when the paper skyscrapers come down. Laugh, blessed ones, laugh, because Death Kappa will leave you speechless.

Japón, 2010
Dirección: Tomoo Haraguchi
Producción: Yoko Haneyama, Yoshinori Chiba / Fever Dreams, Nikkatsu, Nakasu Prod.
Guión: Masakazu Migita
Fotografía: Yoshihito Takahashi
Música: Masako Ishii
Montaje: Yoshitaka Honda
Intérpretes: Misato Hirata, Mika, Ryuki Kitaoka, Yakan Nabe, Daniel Aguilar
Duración: 87 minutos
Media Blasters
Tf.: 1 212 868 09 91


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