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Welcome to the Space Show / Uchuu shô e youkoso

Welcome to the Space Show / Uchuu shô e youkoso


Pochi’s back! Many moons ago he was the King of the Festival. Almost more than Anastasio, the oriental European with a perfect pr... almost more than all the girls (Leire, Amaia, Vanessa) that our films have featured. Pochi, the big Japanese dog! So he’s come back, via Berlin and Sitges. How things change over the centuries. Pochi, more famous in the high street than Clifford, is now an extraterrestrial, but a nice one (think E.T or Klaatu). The only thing is that he needs to find a very special substance so that his planet can survive (something that we can find in the supermarket on Earth but he doesn’t know that). Some Earth children help him and he rewards them with a trip into space, but as Masunari and his Read or Die pals’ film lasts more than 130 minutes, anything can happen and it will. Among other things, they have to work to pay for the space shuttle... so Bilbao, playful, technically unforgettable with some tasty outrageous behaviour.

Japón, 2010
Dirección: Koji Masunari
Producción: Tomonori Ochikoshi, Atsuhiro Iwakami / Madhouse
Guión: Hideyuki Kurata
Argazkia: Takaharu Osaki
Música: Yoshihiro Ike
Montaje: Masahiro Goto
Duración: 137 minutos


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