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Fed up with so many pale kids ready to substitute real blood with one of those compounds that Tour de France cyclists like so much, sick to the back teeth that some have decided to live with humans instead of having their life juice for breakfast, real vampires (a little bourgeois to tell the truth) fight back proclaiming the following from the publicity for this glorious documentary in sombre, murky, nasty colour: “They are not terrible. They are not sexy. They are not fashionable. They are vampires, just Belgian vampires”. The nationality issue is really crucial because only in Belgium (nice country, pity it’s disappearing) could Carlo Ferrante and Vera Van Dooren (friends!) film, directed by Vincent Lanoo, the daily life of a family of revenants including a disobedient daughter (she wears pink and wants to die for real). Please refuse their dinner invitations.

Bélgica, 2009
Dirección: Vincent Lanoo
Producción: John Engel / Left Field Ventures
Guión: Vincent Lanoo, Frédérique Broos
Fotografía: Vincent Van Gelder
Música: De Snaar, John Engel
Montaje: Frédérique Broos
Intérpretes: Carlo Ferrante, Vera Van Dooren, Pierre Lognay, Fleur Lise Heuet, Baptiste Sornin
Duración: 90 minutos
Left Field Ventures
Tf.: 310 489 08 84


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