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Boogie, el aceitoso

Boogie, el aceitoso


2007 saw the death of “El Negro”, Roberto Fontanarrosa, writer and comic strip artist who never won the Nobel Prize but did have a table reserved for him in the most mythical bars of his native Rosario: El Cairo. He died in 2007 and when they came to bury him, the funeral procession stopped where it was supposed to: the Gigante de Arroyito stadium, home to the football team that he lived and died for, Rosario Central. In 2010 the Festival is proud to present the tough, virile and inflammable Argentinean animation film that pays homage to one his creatures, Boogie, the oily one, a mercenary that, as the film’s official website states, was born a fugitive. Disgusting, sexist bully (making Torrente look like Romeo), he hated almost everyone... except the audience and critics at the Annecy Festival who clamoured for him as one of their own. If Betty Boop passed by, he’s squash her against the wall and it’s best not to imagine what he’d do to Snoopy. Carancho and Oso rojo are more his style.

Argentina, 2009
Dirección: Gustavo Cova
Producción: Hugo E. Lauria, José Luis Massa / Illusion Studio
Guión: Marcelo Páez Cubells
Director de animación: Sebastián Ramseg
Música: Diego Monk
Montaje: Andrés Germán Fernández
Voces: Pablo Echarri, Nancy Dupláa
Duración: 84 minutos
Illusion Studios
Tf.: 54 11 47 17 20 00


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